Born of love for good food and fine wine, Discovery Wines has grown from a New Year resolution to "get smarter about wine" into a service orientated enterprise providing fines wines to friends and clients in the greater Portland, Oregon area.  We routinely travel to wineries through out the Pacific Northwest and California and participate in trade-only tasting events.  In 2013, we had the pleasure of traveling around and touring wineries in Italy.  In 2014, we toured the Loire and Bordeaux regions of France tasting fine wine and making new friends.  We make annual visits to Walla Walla and totally loved participating in a Walla Walla futures auction.  

Discovery Wines is our way of sharing our love of wine with others.  We share this love of wine through "Discovery Stories" that describe events, wine regions and tasting notes of various wines and through the services we provide.  


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Our Story

"Truth comes out in wine"  - Pliny the Elder

"Wine is bottled poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson